Background: I was hired by NIKE to create a promotional piece for the Boston Marathon to connect with their core demographics, serious runners and inspire them to test NIKE’s online runner’s logbook.


The Challenge: NIKE wanted something more personal than the previous year [a hat with a swoosh] yet I was given the same budget [$6 per piece] to produce a functional promotional item that reconnect runners to Nike’s roots with something that fit their lifestyle.

The Solution: Create a runner’s log book as only NIKE would and tempt them to test the online version as well. Serious runners use log books daily. The opportunity was that most were not designed with runners in mind. I set out to create a custom branded, truly functional book that twas unlike any they had used before.

Connecting with NIKE’s Roots: A simple cover with one word “RUN” embossed with the waffle pattern of their original shoes. Feature co-founder Bill Bowerman, fill the book with the heros of the early days of Nike: Bill Bowman, Steve Prefontaine, etc. as well as a cameo of Phil Knight. Interspersed throughout the book were highlights of previously unknown details from the hero’s past: high school bests for each runner. [Prefontaine’s High School record of 4:06 is pretty impressive, especially considering he reached it in 1969].

FORM + Function: I designed a unique 4″ x 5″ log book with spiral binding that fit easily into gym bags and pockets. [research showed existing log books ranged from 6″ x 9″ to large 8.5″ x 11″ notebooks making them a challenge to cary before/after/during a run]. I selected an orange spiral binding for a burst of color but mostly for function: the binding made for easy note taking on the go.

Nike_Cover_FT+BK+Spine-2000x800Nike-4_Bowerman-Prefontaine-reduced-size_web   Nike_Spread_Bowerman+Knight_header_webnike2_no-boarder_osullivan_page_web

Success: Runner’s gobbled them up at the race. Registration for their online runners log spiked afterwards [first page of the book directed each runner to track their runs at]. NIKE’s running group was so pleased with the results that they reprinted another 20,000 for the New York Marathon that same year.