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Brand Identity + Packaging Design + Wine Label Design + Story + Messaging + Naming [wines/tier system].


ARGYLE Product Hierarchy:

[disclaimer: this section attempts to explain a huge body of work in a small space. We are only touching the surface below and we’d be happy to sit down with you and present the context of the work we did for Argyle or any one else. Just reach out to us and we’ll go from there]

Prior to the design phase, we created a system to encompass Argyle’s extensive collection of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Sparking Wines that makes it easy to identify any individual wine and find it’s place within the Argyle House of Wines.

Argyle’s product hierarchy begins with three simple descriptors that work together to easily identify and place each wine in it’s place :
a] Tier Naming System
b] Tier Color System
c] Tier Iconography

The names, colors and iconography of the packaging system grow vertically and tell the story of flavor, quality and value. The tier names: Grower Series, Artisan Series and Master Series naturally escalate and the use of “Series” makes it clear that this wine does not stand alone. The use of color emphasizes the same escalation from light to dark [from light oyster, to metallic pewter to warm black] as does the iconography: single diamond for Grower, double diamond for Artisan and triple diamond for the Master Series. Color also reinforces the Series names with the light Argyle Oyster reflecting a grounded base, the Argyle Metallic Pewter reflecting the experimentation of the Artist, and dark Argyle Warm Black conveying a sense of arrival and ultimately, the achievement of mastery.


Argyle Brand Identity Guidelines

The Slideshow below gives is an introduction to the Argyle Brand.

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